Terms and Conditions

If you purchase the product, you automatically agree to our terms of service, which are as follows:

1) The user is responsible for the accuracy of the information entered when purchasing the product

2) When purchasing the product, the fields required for the delivery service must be fully entered: recipient's house, surname, full address (city, district, street, apartment number), contact number

3) The product will be returned within 24 hours after delivery, after this period the product will not be returned.

4) The product will be returned only if the product will be in the condition as received (unused and undamaged).

5) The buyer is entitled to request a refund if: A. If you have not received the purchased product within 10 working days after payment; B. The purchased product differs from the product posted / described on the website (different color, size ....); C. The product is damaged The customer must describe the product in the presence of the courier and contact the company.

6) If the buyer did not receive the product, or did not receive it for the following reasons:

 a) The product is different from the product posted / described on the website (different color, size ...);

 b) The product is damaged • Refunds are received on the 30th day after the return of an erroneously delivered or damaged product. •


The customer confirms by signing the acceptance document that the undamaged product received exactly the product he / she purchased. Online purchase is made through electronic payment systems: .............. Payment and personal information protection are provided using the SSL protocol. Deduction policy: In case of purchasing the product online, the amount will be deducted: • Upon entering the card data and confirming the sms code. • Once you have received the purchased item and you will confirm this fact by signing the acceptance-delivery deed. After entering the card details and paying the amount, the amount remains in your account backed up in case you need to return the item. • Script before the payment is completed, which will be recorded in your statement - Ltd. ---