About us

    The well-being of mankind in the 21st century depends on the sustainable development of food production. Modern, highly effective biostimulants, pesticides and fertilizers in agriculture provide new opportunities to solve new challenges .Our company was established with the participation and technical assistance of EU partners. We are transforming scientific knowledge from nature into production processes and new innovative products. Produced green "agrochemicals" meet the requirements and standards of the European Union, they consist of biologically active biomolecules derived from plant raw materials and high quality safe chemicals. In our enterprise, biomolecules are made from ecologically clean regions, based on a solid base of raw material supply, using clean technologies, which increases productivity, improves product quality and fully meets the growing needs of specialized advanced farmers. development. We are confident that this approach will help us and help future generations to create a better world and also, ensure the firm and long-term development of the company.




Founder of the company "Sanaturi Organic",

Doctor of Biology - Nodar Mindiashvili