Water-soluble fertilizer consists of macro-element potassium salt 400 g / kg and specially prepared plant extract. Mechanism of action: Potassium, along with nitrogen and phosphorus, are key nutrients in plant nutrition. This important component helps regulate plant water balance through the functioning of roots (osmotic gradient) and leaf stomata. Potassium promotes the accumulation of starch and sugar in fruits, increases plant resistance to fungal and microbial diseases and insect damage, and plays an important role in dozens of metabolic reactions, activating at least 60 different enzymes involved in plant growth, photosynthesis in general, at each stage. This element counteracts the salty stress from sodium ions, potassium replaces it in the root system. Advantages: • Enhance photosynthesis • Increase in carbohydrate production • Strengthen the strength of the rods • Increase in osmotic pressure (antistress) Consumption rate kg / ha: foliar feeding -1,5; Root feeding -2.0;

Article Author , 2021-06-29