Water-soluble fertilizer consists of the microelement boron 370 g / kg and a specially prepared plant extract. Mechanism of action: In terms of importance for boron plants, the micronutrient is second only to zinc. It is involved in many physiological and biochemical processes throughout the life cycle of a plant, where it performs very important functions. Facilitates the transport of nutrients and carbohydrates to all parts of young plants: roots, leaves, fruits; Activates the action of enzymes, plays an important role in the formation of cell walls and differentiation of merissem tissues, participates in the synthesis and transport of proteins and nucleic acids in the reproductive organs, leaves and growth points; Regulates the synthesis of auxins, which have a high physiological activity; Prevents the accumulation of phenol in fruits and roots; Plays a major role in the growth of primary and lateral roots; Increases plant resistance to environmental conditions: frost resistance, drought resistance, Advantages: • Stimulation of excretion; • Growth of the root system; • Enhance twig growth; • Strong bioactive efficiency; • Enhance sugar production • Antimicrobial effect; • Antiviral action; • High antibacterial efficiency; Consumption rate kg / ha: foliar feeding -1,5; Root feeding -2.0;

Article Author , 2021-06-29