Power - a multifunctional natural adjuvant, consisting of resins of plant origin (cherry and peach) -100%. Water-soluble concentrate, designed to protect and prolong the action of fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides and increase efficiency.

Mechanism of action: Power is an excellent, natural nourishing substance. Thanks to it, a large number of preparations remain on the plant when sprayed, the working solution is evenly distributed on the surface of any type of plant (wax-coated or coated). Reaches pores and narrow branches. It eliminates the need to wash away the preparations from the plant surface even in case of watering and rain. Softens plant waxy cuticles This helps systemic, contact preparations and leaf feeding products easily penetrate into plant tissues.

Characteristics of the drug:

• Improves the microbiality of the working solution;

• Evenly distributes the working solution on the leaf surface;

• Allows to prolong the period of effective exposure to pesticides and nutrients;

• Improve the level of pesticide distribution in the plant;

• Reduces the likelihood of wind drops and leaching of the working solution by precipitation;

• Improves the conditions for the introduction of plant protection products and nutrients;

• Allows to reduce the amount of water in the working solution without losing the effect of the drug;

• Forming a thin train appendage on the plants will prevent the working solution from being washed away by the rain;

• Allows the introduction of plant protection products and nutrients even before the forecast rainfall;

• Allows us to reduce pesticide consumption rates by 20-30%, while reducing the frequency of plant treatment with pesticides by more than two times;

• Environmentally safe. Does not pollute the environment. Can be used in combination with biological and chemical protection preparations;

Article Author , 2020-04-09