Sooap contact insecticide consists of fatty acids of mineral origin 950 ml / l and specially prepared plant extract. Advantages: Effective against a wide range of pests and rodents of agricultural crops.

Mechanism of action: Swap in contact with the pest damages the skin, chitin, disrupts biochemical processes in it, causes obstruction of the airways, and destroys insects. There is no danger of becoming addicted to it even with frequent use. It is effective if it is used prophylactically. Works even at low temperatures. It leaves no residue in the plant and is absolutely non-toxic, allowing it to be consumed shortly before harvest.


• Wide range of action against agricultural pests

• Acts on both rodent and rodent pests

• Effective at all stages of pest development

• Do not wash off after a few hours of rain spraying

• Not characterized by phytotoxicity in case of compliance with the regulations of use

• Compatible with most pesticides and water-soluble fertilizers

Article Author , 2020-04-09