Root-humic compound extract 250 g / l, water-soluble concentrate, liquid fertilizer consists of extracts that are rich in soil health-promoting, fertility-enhancing substances and biomolecules that stimulate the plant root system.

Mechanism of action: Root primarily improves the physical properties of soils, increases the moisture capacity of light soils and the permeability of heavy soils, improves their structure, and reduces soil density. This, in turn, contributes to the accumulation of humus and changes in the biological characteristics of the soil. When present in the soil, these substances enhance the vital action of soil microorganisms. Moreover, an increase in microbiological activity is observed both in the first year of fertilizer application and in the following. As the number of microorganisms increases, the mobility of soil nutrients, particularly nitrogen and phosphorus, increases. They are transformed into a form accessible to plants and better absorbed. Human fertilizers, when used in combination with mineral and organic fertilizers, enhance their effectiveness. In this case, the dose of traditional fertilizers can be reduced by a third.

Humic acids and their salts can increase plant growth and development. The survival rate of seedlings and seedlings and the root system are also improved with the use of humans, strong roots are produced in plants. Adult plants, after the application of humic fertilizer, grow faster, in the early period of flowering and increase productivity. At the same time, the size of the fruit increases and the quality of the fruit improves, while the ripening time decreases. For example, the amount of vitamin C increases in fruits, while the content of nitrates in vegetables decreases.

Characteristics of the drug:

• Helps plants cope with stressful conditions and mitigates the impact of harmful factors.

• Stimulates active growth of the root system;

• Acacia the root system;

• Helps to increase fertility ;.

Article Author , 2020-04-09