Pyrox contact fungicide, contains hydrogen peroxide 500 ml / l and specially prepared plant extract. Advantages: Effective against fungal diseases and bacteriosis

Mechanism of action: Pyrox acts on fungi and microbes through their instantaneous oxidation. It inhibits the growth of micelle texture. Due to its high oxidizing properties it inhibits the viability of fungal spores for a long time. At the same time pyrox dehydrates the microbial texture, leading to the complete destruction of fungal spores and mycelium. Since Pyrox works on the principle of oxidation of microbial cells, there is no danger of developing compatibility with it even with frequent use. It is effective if used prophylactically. Pyrox works even at low temperatures.


• Wide range of action against agricultural diseases;

• Effective in the early stages of disease development;

• Not characterized by phytotoxicity in case of compliance with the regulations of use;

• Has both fungicidal and antimicrobial effects;

Article Author , 2020-04-09