Active substance: Extract of higher plants.

Form of a preparation: Fluid.

Manufacturer: «Sanaturi Organic» Ltd. Georgia.

Coloring Liquid fertilizer consists of extracts of higher plants, which help to improve the qualitative parameters of the fruit (taste, color, size), stop premature fruit loss, delay early flowering;

Operating mechanism: 

The biostimulator Coloring doesn’t contain synthetic hormones to increase the size, color and taste of the fruit.

Increases fruit size by stimulating cell division, promotes earlier crop ripening, enhances plant ability to bear fruit at an earlier age, increases product taste properties, evens out fruits size, makes fruits evenly larger.

Innovative preparation is made from plant raw materials and consists of: nucleotides and other bioactive carbohydrates that stimulate cell division, activate the most important metabolic reactions and thus allow the cell to more easily withstand various types of stress;

Quite often, in order to increase the yield, rates of application of relatively cheap nitrogen fertilizers (compared to potassium and phosphorus fertilizers) are increased, which leads to increase in cell size and not their number. As their watering increases, the cell walls thin out, leading to loss of taste properties, impaired immunity, and impaired fetal storage and transportability.

Processing with the preparation Coloring allows to increase the size of the fruit naturally so as not to reduce the taste and technological properties. The preparation stimulates an increase in the rate of cell division, the emergence of new cells after embryonic development and during the period of active growth of the fetus, which leads to an increase in the number of cells and, consequently, the size of the fetus.

The reasons why tomatoes or peppers do not turn red, grapes or apples do not ripen are many and individual in each case. In practice it may be the characteristics of the variety or hybrid, climatic factors, excessive nitrogen feeding instead of a balanced nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium supply.

Distinctive features of the stimulator Coloring are: enhancement of color (fruit and flower); improving the quality of storage and transportation; Increase in fetal sugar concentration (Brix); Strengthening the structure of fetal tissues; Increase in dry matter and vitamin C content; Getting an earlier harvest. The substances in the preparation activate the biosynthesis of pigments, soluble sugars and pectins. In stressful situations (low temperatures, drought, high humidity) treatment with the preparation helps to maintain the quality of the product. Preparation used in the final stage of fruit growth.

Recommended norms of use

The rate of use is 0,5-1,0 ml per liter of water.

Characteristics of the preparation: 

  • Increases sugar content in the plant;
  • Stimulates the process of fruit coloring;
  • Increases the density of the fruit;
  • Increases the size of the fruit;
  • improves crop storage;

Compatibility with other preparations

Coloring is compatible in tank mixes with all fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, growth regulators and leaf nutrients. In the case of an unknown preparation, it’s recommended to test a small amount for stability in a glass container.


Preparation is produced from natural components, so it’s safe for animal organisms and it doesn’t violate plant physiology


Article Author , 2020-04-09