Deu - a natural antiperspirant, water-soluble concentrate, designed to protect the plant from high temperatures and drought, as well as to prevent post-transplant stress.

Mechanism of action: After processing the plants, the natural biopolymer Dew forms a thin transparent layer on the treated surface. This layer is similar to Apsky and reduces the loss of moisture by plants, while the plant does not close the mouth and does not interfere with normal respiration and development of plants. Changes the angle of inclination of the plant leaves, which provides a lower level of moisture evaporation and increases the plant's antioxidant protection capabilities. "Deu" increases the survival of vegetable seedlings, flowers, seedlings, quantity and quality of the crop, helps to withstand dry winds and drought, protects the fruit from falling and sunburn. Allows to maintain the commodity of berries, fruits and vegetables during transportation and storage, significantly reduces moisture losses that the plants themselves can not control, and thus maintains the physiological level of moisture, enhances plant growth and protects them during the stress of vegetation. The layer formed by "Deu" is not felt to the touch, taste and it is impossible to remove it from the surface of the plant - the thickness is several molecules. Deu-treated berries, fruits and vegetables can be used as food on the same day, as it consists of 100% natural components.


• Reduces moisture loss by plants, while the plant does not close the mouth and does not interfere with normal plant respiration.

• Seedlings and seedlings treated with Deu are characterized by excellent joy when transplanting - gives a high potential for plant growth;

• Increase in quantitative and qualitative indicators of the crop;

• Does not require special equipment for input;

• Safe for humans and the environment (Class IV Toxicity);

• Early ripening of berries, fruits, vegetables, improvement of taste properties;

• Protecting the fruit from sunburn and sunburn;

• Improved crop transportability and shelf life;

• Deu-treated fruit tastes better and is more juicy;

• Under the influence of "Deu" the fruit ripens a few days earlier;

• The skin of the fruit treated with DEW becomes firmer;

• Weight loss is much lower when storing DEW-treated fruit;

Article Author , 2020-04-09