Glass contact fungicide, contains 950 ml / l of silicic acid and specially prepared plant extract. Advantages: It is effective against fungal diseases and bacteriosis.

Mechanism of action: After drying, the glass coats the plant surface with a thin protective layer of silicon, destroys fungal spores and hyphae thanks to its high pH, ​​acts directly on the fungi, interferes with biochemical reactions in fungal cells, and blocks the enzymes that control these reactions. . Tightens the cuticle by injecting silicon into the epidermal cell wall of silicon. This further complicates the penetration of pathogens into the plant tissue. As a result, fruits and leaves are less susceptible to disease and significantly reduce the risk of crop spoilage. Glass has insecticidal and repellent effectiveness against pests. During the flowering period or at the end of flowering. In addition, it should not be consumed at very high temperatures and in direct sunlight.


• Wide range of action against agricultural diseases;

• Effective in the early stages of disease development;

• Not characterized by phytotoxicity in case of compliance with the regulations of use;

• Has both fungicidal and antimicrobial effects;

Article Author , 2020-04-09