Acetic contact fungicide, contains organic acids 950 ml / l and specially prepared plant extract. Advantages: Effective against fungal diseases and bacteriosis.

Mechanism of action: The effect is caused by acid molecules, which inactivate fungal spores, act on the corresponding enzymes of fungi, prevent the formation of chitin (membrane) in them. It is effective if it is used prophylactically. Acetic acid works even at low temperatures. Acetic acid leaves no residue in the plant and is absolutely non-toxic, allowing it to be consumed shortly before harvest.


• Wide range of action against agricultural diseases;

• Effective in the early stages of disease development;

• Not characterized by phytotoxicity in case of compliance with the regulations of use;

• Compatible with most pesticides and water-soluble fertilizers;

• Has both fungicidal and antimicrobial effects;

Article Author , 2020-04-09