Alsulf contact fungicide, contains aluminum salts 950 g / kg and specially prepared plant extract. Advantages: Effective against fungal diseases and bacteriosis.

Mechanism of action:

Aluminum ions cause damage to fungal cells, inhibit the action of their enzymes, disrupt respiratory processes and denature non-specific proteins, which in turn stop the growth of spores and fungi. For treatment, it is recommended to be used before mixing pathogenic spores. The interval between treatments is 8-14 days, depending on weather conditions and the degree of plant damage by disease. Stimulates and increases the plant's resistance to fungal and bacterial attacks.Alsulf works at low temperatures. Alsulf does not leave any residue in the plant and is absolutely non-toxic, allowing it to be consumed shortly before harvest. Do not pour alsulf during the flowering period or at the end of flowering. In addition, it should not be consumed at very high temperatures and in direct sunlight.


Broad spectrum of action against agricultural diseases; Is effective in the early stages of disease development; Not characterized by phytotoxicity in case of compliance with the regulations of use; Compatible with most pesticides and water-soluble fertilizers; Has both fungicidal and antimicrobial effects;

2 g / l

Culture Harmful object Consumption rate kg / ha Volume of working solution l / ha Waiting period days (frequency of use)
Vine The powder



7 (2-3)

Apples, peaches, plums Black spot



40 (2)

Citrus, tea Lemon seedlings Phytophthora, Fruit gray სიდამპლე;



15 (2-3)

Wheat, barley Fusarium wilt



15 (2-3)

tomato Phytophthora, სიდამპლე;



15 (2-3)

Article Author , 2020-04-09